Gareth Brisbane

Account Manager

Gareth trained as a Financial Accountant working in industries ranging from confectionery to aluminium extrusion. After 8 years he 'swapped codes' and became a Senior Management Accountant in the telecoms industry. There he was responsible for the financial planning and analysis of $billion plus revenues. After 25 years in telecoms he 'retired', became bored and so joined Pink on a three month contract. 7 years later (including a brief sabbatical working in the charitable sector) he's still here - previously Gareth held the position as Finance Director and helping to drive Pink's growth and has now moved in to an Account Management role.

You wouldn't know this but . . . Gareth drinks about 15 cups of tea a day and writes a blog on Icelandic post-rock, ambient and electronic glitch music. We don't know what that means either.

Q & A

What could you not live without?
That’s easy - tea.

What has been your proudest moment?
Hitting the front of a peloton on a cycle ride in China having given the field a two mile start. Couldn’t have done it without “monkey boy” and “pencil”.

What is your best quality?
Politeness, thanks for asking.